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Turn on the Window, Live at the Purple Onion

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Turn on the Window

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DVD: Turn on the Window, recorded live at the Purple Onion May 26, 2005, is only $15

Features the following pieces:

  • Every Sixty Seconds (PSA Medley)
  • Ms. Marin 2005
  • The Importance of Being Arnold
  • Racism Imperative Must Verb Stop
  • Loneliness
  • You've Reached the Living Room
  • Introduction to Shakespeare
  • AM Live With Stephen Hawking
  • Negro Blues Guitarist Ferstus Weathers
  • Miracles Happen Nearly Every Day
  • The Greatest Murder Myster Ever Told
  • Let's Talk About Drugs (Crock Raccoon)
  • A Tragic and Unfortunate Transition
  • Oh the Things That One Can Do With One's Eyes Closed
  • No Eye For An Eye