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That’s Not the Reason I’m Doing This

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That's Not The Reason I'm Doing This

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Ever the nomadic and oftentimes undefinable entertainer--a comedy club here, a rock club there — Will Franken the wanderer found a home for the fullest expression of his talents to date in the theatre. This album, recorded live in May of 2004 to a sold-out audience at San Francisco's Marsh Theatre, marks the debut of Will Franken's successful and ever-changing string of one-man shows at that venue. Almost 80 minutes in length, the CD is composed of one single show in its entirety containing many pieces never before recorded including the full length Berkeley Indian prayer and invocation, the Youth Speaks Poetry Slam, and Will's touching anti-death penalty song "No Eye For An Eye"— Nominated for best song written in front of a full-length mirror.


  1. Intro: Yes, Mother? (Homage To Charles Crumb)
  2. The Ha-Ha Laugh-Laugh Fun-Time Comedy College
  3. You've Reached The Living Room
  4. Everything: We See It Everywhere
  5. The "Writers Who Read" Summer Literacy Series
  6. Poe'try Zlam!
  7. My People, The Impersonators
  8. Invocation And Native Narrative (aka "The Berkeley Indian")
  9. The River By Three Trees
  10. No Eye For An Eye
  11. Jazz
  12. Crock Racoon (aka "The Drug Coach")
  13. Fun With Violence and Narcissism
  14. The Five Things That Women Love, Part 1 (Vladimir)
  15. Jesus Loved Us So Much
  16. The Five Things That Women Love, Part 2 (Vladimir)
  17. State Of California Law
  18. Data Entry Systems, Inc.
  19. The Oakland Fire Department