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Concert To Benefit The Victims Of My Father

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Concert To Benefit The Victims of My Father

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This live CD contains some of Will's best-known pieces. Laugh along with audiences as Will frolics and cavorts from character to character like a caged animal finally released into his natural habitat: the stage.


  1. The Pledge Of Allegiance
  2. The Imaginary President Of The United States Of The World
  3. Miracles Happen Nearly Everyday
  4. The River By Three Trees
  5. TSR
  6. Show! (Incorporating "Brand Name")
  7. Smiling Ted And The Open Mike
  8. Introduction To Shakespeare
  9. AM Live With Stephen Hawking
  10. What Does 'No Pickles' Mean?
  11. Coach Loves Me, Coach Loves Me Not
  12. Data Entry Systems, Inc.
  13. Crosstalk
  14. The Quilts
  15. Oh Great, Oh Good, Oh Wow!
  16. You've Reached The Living Room
  17. The Antioch Christian Fellowship
  18. White Trash Deist
  19. It's A Wonderful Life, Pt. II: The Gathering
  20. Boat Mahoney's Big Break!
  21. We're Going To The Circus Today (with Johnny Boy Swerdan)