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  • Oakland December 2009 Will Franken performing "Bag".

  • Viva Variety 39 At the 2004 Viva Variety Will Franken performed a quick character change telephone answering machine routine that had the audience in tears.

  • Will Franken at Viva Variety 41

  • Will Franken at Viva Variety 48 Part 1

  • Will Franken at Viva Variety 48 Part 2

  • Will Franken at Viva Variety 50 Part 1

  • Will Franken at Viva Variety 50 Part 2

  • Oh DoctorWill plays opposite his two other selves in this offbeat comedic segment for DARE TV. Directed by Andrew Moore.

  • Pen Press ConferenceWill satirizes media zeal as he rounds up an impromtu press conference and assuages the public's concern over the dropping of a pen on stage.

  • Poetry SlamWill reverentially portrays John Milton as he challenges suburban angst in a battle of verses with a disenfranchised teen. Performed at the Odeon Bar in Berkeley in 2007.

  • Marin Lady Will brings us an outrageuous conversation with an upper middle class middle-aged white woman from Marin, who accidentally ends up at one of his shows.

  • Dr. Dachau Here is a short video starring Will as a post-operative transsexual who can't have an orgasm.

  • The Greatest Murder Mystery Ever Told Will presents a dramatic re-telling of a very familiar story: the macabre mystery of the murdered messiah.

  • A Fine Line Between Mysogyny and Feminism Will walks a thin line and unapologetically crosses it in this spot for an upcoming event at the UC Berkeley Feminist Council.

  • Loneliness In this informational segment, Will helps you determine if you suffer from loneliness.