will franken


For 2015's "Who Keeps Making All These People?"

"He's possibly the only Fringe comic who can 'go there' parodying a conference for feminists without getting called on it. . .he also has a range of uptight, middle Englanders at his disposal, almost Alan Bennett-like in their characterisation. They're brilliantly acted. . .it's damn good comedy" ****


"A meditation on the limits of tolerance and a powerful declaration of the primacy of freedom of expression. . .rich and topical, opinionated yet artful, messy but with an underlying coherence, even Franken momentarily losing his thread and confessing to bi-polarity can't undermine this startlingly funny, memorable hour" ****


"This show is dark and hilarious in equal measure. . .Franken is still just about the fastest funniest character comic in the business. . .this is satire Franken style and it bites. No one is safe. He makes a gag early on about a one-man show that will defeat ISIS. You kind of get the feeling that if anyone could do it, Franken probably could."


The Scotsman (for 2014's "The Stuff They Put In Sleep")[source]

"I left sore with laughter and breathless in awe of Franken's talent."

"Where the art of many comics is Impressionist, Franken is Seurat. And when all the tiny dots start to join up and you get to see the whole picture of his show it is a wonderful thing."

"Franken is political in cleverer, funnier, more telling ways than anyone I have yet seen."

The Scotsman [source]

ThreeWeeks (for 2014's "The Stuff They Put In Sleep") [source]

"Emerging from Will Franken's show is like waking up from a dream: at first shocking, surreal unsettling, but ultimately reassuring. It's inspiring to know that such out of this world, high quality comedy exists -- here's a comedian guaranteed to genuinely impress."

FestMag [source]

"Will Franken is a rare breed of character comedian. . .this out-of-breath, sweaty man seems in thrall to some greater comic power."

“I cannot remember one moment of this show that wasn't funny. I am still laughing.”

“He gallops along a comedic road less travelled and has found the sweet spot where absurdism and satire combine, both super-sweet and surgically sharp. His characters morph and meld in the comedy kaleidoscope of his hour-long show, and each of them left me wanting more.”

“Practically perfect comedy”

“This is a supremely talented comedy actor, and each of his characters lives and breathes, however absurdly they do it.”

— The Scotsman

The Scotsman (Comedy review roundup) [source]

“Amidst the anodyne wannabe TV comics who are 40% hair product, 40% ego and 20% talent there is still plenty of the real thing to be found, comedically. Will Franken at The Caves is absolutely brilliant. Iron satire in a velvet glove. Clever, creative comedy.”

— The Scotsman

Three Weeks Edinburgh [source]

“Strange, sometimes awkward, often funny and always interesting, Franken’s act is like Marmite – fucking awesome – and deserves an audience as big as his character roster.”

— Three Weeks Edinburgh

UK Guardian [source]

“The sharp-clawed satire on US culture and liberal piety, and the constant upending of what it is we think we're watching, make for a unique and compelling hour.”

“The fluidity recalls the Pajama Men, while the darkness of Franken's imagination is like Chris Morris: this is Blue Jam with a wilder look in its eyes.”

“You can't take your eyes off these inspired outpourings.”

— UK Guardian

Chortle UK [source]

“Will Franken is an astounding character comedian who makes almost everyone else in his field look like lazy chancers.”

“He's a one-man sketch machine, with scores of personas, all perfectly realised, tumbling from the stage in a relentlessly fast-paced and witty commentary on modern life.”

“He's looked at every word, even down to the character names, and asked himself ‘Can I make this funnier?’ and not rested until the answer is an unequivocal ‘no’.”

— Chortle UK

UK Independent [source]

“Will Franken provides the most whistle-stop character comedy that you're likely to see...”

“Franken is carrying some of the best traditions of American humour in his material, conveying some deft concepts along the way.”

— UK Independent

The Times of London

“Franken has a bionic ear for hot air. He'll undercut right-wing jingoism and left-wing piety alike...”

“Simply hilarious.”

— The Times of London

Spoonfed (online comedy journal) [source]

“Through his cracked lens, Franken refracts popular culture in a way that's both recognisable and wonderfully warped, highlighting the nonsense we often take for granted by presenting it with the absurdism it warrants.”

“The dizzying idiocy of rolling news has been speared before but few do it as deftly as Franken”

“Masterful, mind-altering comedy that pokes fun at the world without standing loftily outside it. Join the remarkable Franken on his nightly journey down the rabbit hole -- you won't regret it.”

— Spoonfed (online comedy journal)