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What elevates Mr. Franken above your garden-variety comedian is an erudite wit and a highly developed sense of the absurd.

— The New York Times

Simply hilarious.

— The Times of London

I cannot remember one moment of this show that wasn't funny. I am still laughing.

— The Scotsman

You can't take your eyes off these inspired outpourings.

— UK Guardian

Best Alternative to Psychedelic Drugs.

— San Francisco Bay Guardian

Will Franken is an astounding character comedian who makes almost everyone else in his field look like lazy chancers.

— Chortle UK

Quite simply, he does the smartest comedy I’ve ever seen. I laughed so hard when I discovered his act that my ribs couldn’t contain it all.

— The Oakland Tribune

Franken wanders through a parallel-universe city populated by hipsters who challenge John Milton to poetry slams and crass marketers of women’s empowerment symposia, among other fun-house imaginings.

— The Onion

This is a supremely talented comedy actor, and each of his characters lives and breathes, however absurdly they do it.

— The Scotsman

It’s more acting than stand-up, and no race, minority, nor pet cause is safe. It belongs in some London theater and it’s way too good for cable TV.

— David Downs, Gelf Magazine

Every Will Franken show is like watching a cast of thousands, with a potpourri of voices and characters.

— San Francisco Chronicle

Instead of delivering one-liners, Franken simply becomes these diverse characters, something that a generic stand-up comic would be hard-pressed to replicate.

— San Francisco Herald

A hilarious, dryly intelligent comedian.

— The Reno News and Review

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The Stuff They Put In Sleep is being performed in London, 18th September at the newly-opened Museum of Comedy. The Stuff They Put In Sleep received ThreeWeeks Editors' Award 2014. The Stuff They Put In Sleep also garnered me the 2014 Barry Award for Best Performer. The Stuff They Put In Sleep is coming to London! The Stuff They Put In Sleep. . .getcha tickets by clicking here, eh?

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Tuesday, 16th September

Matthew Kelly Returns

The Harrison Pub; 28 Harrison Street; London; WC1H 8JF


Thursday, 18th September


The Museum of Comedy; The Undercroft; St. George's Church; Bloomsbury Way; London; WC1A 2SR


£10 (get your tickets by clicking here!)

Friday, 19th September (1st Show)

The Lansdowne Club

The Lansdowne Club; 9 Fitzmaurice Place; Mayfair; London; W1J 5JD


Friday, 19th September (2nd Show)

Confuse Comedy

BL-NK; 37 East Road; Shoreditch; London; N1 6AZ


Wednesday, 24th September

Ellis & Rose's Brainwash Club

The Backyard Comedy Club; 231 Cambridge Heath Road; London; E2 0EL


Thursday, 25th September

We Love Comedy

Balham Bowls Club; 7-9 Ramsden Road; Balham; SW12 8QX


Friday, 26th September

Comedy Cottage

The Harlequin Theatre; Warwick Quadrant; Redhill; Surrey; RH1 1NN



Friday, 3rd October

Kill For A Seat Comedy

Llanelli Y Ffwrnes; Park Street; Llanelli; Carmarthenshire, UK, SA15 3YE


Saturday, 4th October

Kill For A Seat Comedy

Sherburn-in-Elmet; Yorkshire (near Leeds) (details to follow. . .)


Monday, 6th October

Somewhere in Catford. . .details to follow. . .

Wednesday, 8th October


The Jewellery Quarter Comedy Club; Two Towers Brewery; 1, 51 Mott Street; Birmingham B19 3HE

Details to follow. . .

Wednesday, 22nd October

Will Franken's Belgium Debut! Stand-Up Antwerp

English Language Comedy Cellar; Wolstraat 7; Antwerp


12 Euros

Thursday, 23rd October

Somewhere in Sutton. . .details to follow. . .

Sunday, 26th October

Oppo Comedy

Channings Hotel; 20 Pembroke Road; City of Bristol; Avon BS8 3BB


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Listen to Will's new podcast series, Strollers as well as the original Things We Did Before Reality.

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 Watch Will's performance on England's The World Stands Up Programme!

 “Dear NBC, I would like to audition for Last Comic Standing, but where should I go? What should I do? What does it mean to audition for Last Comic Standing? Will there be water there at the place I audition? What if I get sick the day of the audition? I have been divorced, is that okay? Signed Josh–I mean, Will Franken.”

After I sent the e-mail back, I waited and waited and waited. I looked at the computer screen for minutes, then hours, until the very next day when, right in front of my eyes–A NEW E-MAIL APPEARED!!!!

Read about Will's try-out for NBC's Last Comic Standing!




that's not the reason I'm doing this

That’s Not The Reason I’m Doing This

$20.00 (includes domestic shipping)

Ever the nomadic and oftentimes undefinable entertainer — a comedy club here, a rock club there — Will Franken the wanderer found a home for the fullest expression of his talents to date in the theatre. More...

Concert To Benefit The Victims Of My Father

Concert To Benefit The Victims Of My Father

$20.00 (includes domestic shipping)

This live CD contains some of Will's best-known pieces. Laugh along with audiences as Will frolics and cavorts from character to character like a caged animal finally released into his natural habitat: the stage. More...

Putting Smiles On The Faces Of Dead People

Putting Smiles On The Faces Of Dead People

$18.00 (includes domestic shipping)

In the summer of 1997, a close friend convinced Will Franken to take some student loan money and purchase a small home recording studio. The result, over the course of two years — between Missouri and New York and North Carolina--was a 19 hour, 17 CD box set — of which Putting Smiles On The Faces Of Dead People is but one in a series of best-of volumes from that period. This 72 minute compilation contains some of Will's personal favorites, many of which — owing to the level of studio complexity inherent in purely audio comedy — he has never performed live. The studio Will is different from the live Will — even more cerebral, even more surreal — but still hilarious.More...

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